WP Writer’s Block WordPress theme for Writers

WordPress theme for writers

WP Writer’s Block is a WordPress theme for writers, authors, journalists, and everyone else assembling words for a living or a hobby. WordPress combined with this theme helps you concentrate on writing rather than futzing with technology. Display your work quickly, easily, and on your own terms in a beautiful package with WP Writer’s Block.

This theme is being released publicly for the first time. The current price is a special offer for early adopters who want access to this theme now. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

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— Features —

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Customizable look and layout

The core styling and layout of the site is simple, modern, and easy to read. WP Writer’s Block has a number of settings to give you control over colors, typography, and layout so you have control over how your words are presented. This theme strikes a balance between control and simplicity, giving you the ability to show the words you want where and how you want without too many options.

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Post formats to create different types of content

Using the basic posts and page combination, you can create a complete web presence for yourself very easily. WP Writer’s Block also comes with additional post formats to let you post different types of content – quotes, status updates, and portfolio links. These come together to give you more options to express yourself easily online.

Lots of color, font, and layout choices

The general design of the site is simple, easy to read, and puts the concentration on your work. You do, however, have many different choices for the site presentation. Chose background and text colors, pick a headline and body copy font, and change text sizing all using simple controls.

photoMobile layout for better readability on small screens

With mobile phone usage increasing everyday, you want anyone that reaches your site to be able to read what you write quickly and easily. WP Writer’s Block is a fully-responsive theme, meaning that it changes its layout based on the screen size of the device being used to view it. Just do what you do best – write – and let the theme take care of the rest.

Use like a blog, basic site, or portfolio

The layout and content type options let you use the theme how you want. Create a simple blog with posts, add a portfolio section with links to other sites, collect inspirational quotes, and provide status updates all with one theme.

Fully-featured blog

Some writers use a blog and some don’t; if you want one, you’ve got one in WP Writer’s Block. WordPress makes it very simple to create and publish blog posts. I made sure that they’re displayed correctly, can be organized well, and are easy to read. You write, add images if you’d like, and the WP Writer’s Block does the rest. You can also turn off blog capability completely if you’re not creating posts.

Featured image options on post and listing

Images can be an important part of your writing and I wanted to make it easy to display them in a way that makes sense. Using WordPress’s built-in featured image capability, you can choose where your pictures show up on posts and in listings. There are more image display features on the way as well.

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Special “Author” mode

Sometimes we need to just concentrate on adding content and nothing else. If that’s where you’re at, create a special account for your writing persona and get to work. You have access to Posts, Portfolio Items, and Comments. And nothing else. The interface in the backend is simplified and you’re left with just you and the keyboard.

Tons of detailed documentation

I worked hard to build out a complete documentation section so you’re not left in the dark taking advantage of what WordPress and WP Writer’s Block has to offer. With each new version and support question, I add more to the documentation to make sure everything is clear as possible. Look forward to video tutorials and advanced details on how to take even more control of your WP Writer’s Block powered site.

Publishing options

Do you want an RSS feed to be created? Do you want Google Authorship to be used? Do you want your author information to be displayed? WP Writer’s Block is all about control of your content and how it’s used.

This theme is being released publicly for the first time. The current price is a special offer for early adopters who want access to this theme now. There are a few features that will be added in the next couple of months and possibly a few bugs to iron out. If you buy now at this price you will receive all these updates and have a say over the next batch of features to be added.
Help me make this the best theme for writers and authors!

$49 Buy Now → Your purchase is a license to use this theme on a site site (one domain) for however long you’d like. This price also comes with one year of upgrades and support.

— Why Use This Theme? —

I’ve been writing online for over 6 years now and have used a number of different platforms. It wasn’t until I started using WordPress that I really enjoyed the process. I built my first WordPress blog soon after “going online” and never looked back.

My site has been through many different iterations, some passable, some not. I’ve always made my own custom themes but, because of Cobbler’s Children Syndrome, my own site was never really up to par. This was always disappointing to me because the writing I was proud of was never presented in the way I felt it should be.

I tried publishing on other platforms but I never liked the idea that my writing was posted somewhere I couldn’t control. How was it being used? How was it being presented? What are my rights to re-post or use my own content?

With more and more “next generation” publishing platforms coming out – Subtle, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn – it’s easy to be tricked into thinking that ease-of-use and more potential exposure is worth losing control over what you create. I think these platforms can and should be leveraged but I don’t want my internet home base to be on a site I don’t control.

So I created a WordPress theme for writers that could display my writing on-site and elsewhere, my random thoughts, and quotes I found interesting all on my own domain. WP Writer’s Block was born.

The concept behind this theme is based on 3 important components of getting your writing on-line:

  • You need to have control over your own work – Posting your material on any network where you don’t control the content, whether that’s Tumblr or WordPress.com or Facebook, is a recipe for copyright disaster. Self-hosting your own site is a little more expensive and a little more maintenance, but no one else has rights to what you create and that’s essential.
  • Your writing should speak for itself – Premium WordPress themes are notorious for being over-designed, complicated, and hard to use. WP Writer’s Block combats that by cutting down the number of options, concentrating on clean, effective typography, and providing easy-to-use documentation.
  • You need to write – The greatest enemy of productivity for a writer is distraction. Included in the theme is a simple, pared-down user interface for a special “author” users that cuts down on distractions and improves focus.

WP Writer’s Block theme for writers addresses these problems simply and effectively. I’m a little biased but I’m very happy with this theme running on my sites and I know you will be too.

$49 Buy Now → Your purchase is a license to use this theme on a site site (one domain) for however long you’d like. This price also comes with one year of upgrades and support.