Documentation home

This is the starting point for the WP Writer’s Block documentation pages. A few notes about the documentation and how it’s written:

  • Numbered lists are used to indicate a sequence of steps to be completed in order.
  • Bullet lists, like this one, contain various pieces of information that do not need to be read in order.
  • Bold face text is used to call out text on a button or link that should be clicked
  • “Quoted Text” is used to call out headers or section text
  • Core WordPress words, like “Page” and “Post,” are capitalized to indicate their formal usage.

All main documentation pages are listed below. If you’re just getting started for the first time, start with that first link (or the second, if you already have WordPress installed). At the end of each section you’ll find a link to the next page in the series. Just follow that all the way through to the end and you should be on your way.